Lips so french, ass so spanish
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Aaliyah If she were here today.
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ma babe


when i make a joke to myself and no one’s around to hear it



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Protection without Bodyguard

Surah Fatiha protects one from the anger of Allah.

Surah Yaseen protects one from the thirst of the Day of Judgment.

Surah Waqi’ah protects one from poverty and starvation.

Surah Mulk protects one from the 
punishment of the grave.

Surah Kauthar protects one from the enmity of the enemy.

Surah Kafiroon protects one from Kufr at the time of death.

Surah Ikhlas protects one from hypocrisy.

Surah Falaq protects one from calamities.

Surah Naas protects one from evil thoughts.

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My therapist asked me to create something “motivating” so I made these.


I really love these, and I reblog them every single time. Some of you don’t realize how easy it’s to forget to do some of those stuff or how hard they can be some days.

now i feel like ive actually accomplished something today thank u ily

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Ka`ba Door and Sun Rays
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“Remember Me and I will remember you” (Quran, 2:152)

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